MDR28 Series High Resolution Marine Remote Sensing Radar


MDR28(N) series ocean remote sensing radar is a high performance-price ratio remote sensing radar upgraded and updated on the basis of YAR28N, which is suitable for small target detection, oil spill radar, ice floating radar, wave detection radar, phytoplankton detection and photoelectric integrated warning system.

Resolution is an important factor for marine remote sensing radar. The MDR28 series has a 12ft antenna with a narrow beam of 45ns minimum, which provides a good angular and azimuthal resolution. It is ideal for detecting ice floes, oil spills, ocean waves and envelopes. Configuring the company's USB3.0 collector, MDR28 provides digital echo output, directly storing raw echoes, or pictures in BMP and JPG formats; ideal for implementing ocean remote sensing algorithms.


Narrow 45ns pulse with high range resolution.

Long 12ft antenna with high azimuth resolution.

A dedicated vertical polarized antenna can be provided, as well as a horizontally polarized antenna.

12.5kW or 25kW high power output for long distance operation.

100MHz/14bits USB interface digital echo.

The collection card provides a data store call library and format file.

The number of target tracking is 300, which can be extended to more than 2000.

The AIS and Radar Target Fusion Module can be provided to fuse output and guide photoelectric devices to take evidence.

N network model can be operated remotely and is suitable for unattended scene deployment.