YAR28(N) Small Target Detection Maritime Radar Surveillance Network RemoteControl Radar
  YAR28 (N) is a higher performance navigation and Marine Surveillance Network Radar developed on the basis of general navigation radar. It has better small target detection ability, more prominent sea clutter suppression performance, and better target tracking performance. The N-type network version, which can be used for remote control of radar or multi-radar networking, is more suitable for unattended, blind area surveillance and early warning occasions. Through an RJ45 ethernet, YAR28N can be controlled remotely by the control center and output navigation data such as radar echo, target track data, azimuth/position/AIS for the control center to use. It also provides a data interface to support radar operation and output.
  YAR28 series of marine radar conforms to the latest international radar specifications such as IEC 60945, IEC 62388 (2013). It has passed the type certificate of China Classification Society (CCS), and has the certificate of approval issued by the State Radio Regulation Committee. In addition to collision avoidance, it is also suitable for new applications such as shore-based monitoring, network networking, photoelectric linkage, etc.
  The YAR28 series radar has excellent small target detection performance. It has very good detection ability for targets with RCS as small as 0.1 m2. This radar uses unique sea clutter, rain clutter suppression algorithm, constant false alarm processing, incoherent accumulation, target enhancement, relative and true wake, ARPA collision avoidance, trial operation of ships, etc. It is especially suitable for ocean, commercial, marine police, maritime, maritime supervision, salvage and other occasions where radar has higher requirements.
Unique noise reduction and wave and rain clutter suppression technology, strong ability to find small targets.
It has a long operating distance and a range of 0.125-128nm.
Up to 300 radar targets are tracked, and track data such as target number, position and speed are output.
Support the capture area settings of sectors and polygons.
Up to 1500 AIS targets are displayed, and fusion display of radar targets and AIS is supported.
Support the relative and ground wake functions, and support vector display to facilitate the identification of mobile ships.
Rich navigation aids, supporting up to 200 waypoints and 30 route planning.
It can support the display of wind speed, sounding and log.
It supports Chinese English bilingual menu and can be equipped with Chinese keyboard.
Optional built-in radar performance monitor.
Rich self-inspection function, automatic fault alarm, modular architecture, convenient for maintenance and repair.
N-type network version supports network remote control.
The N-type network version supports the output of radar echo image, target track data, azimuth / position / speed / AIS and other navigation data.

Optional configuration supports the fusion and track output of radar target and AIS.