About Us

Founded in 2011,YONZOE Tech. A hi-tech company specializes in marine electronic equipment and providing overall solutions. Mastering the key technology of marine radar, we have a number of patents in marine radar, as well as the radar software copyrights, we are one of the hi-tech companies endorsed by local government in 2017.

The company composed by production, research and marketing department, with a ISO9001 quality Certification. Our marine radars have CCS product type approval certificate, we also were the first company in china with EC Med B + D cert when CCS obtained EU authorization. Our IMO approved Radar products compliance with IEC62388, IEC60945 norms can be installed on any international or domestic vessels; the inshore and inland river radar products compliance with latest specifications of China Maritime Administration, they are made for domestic fishing boats and inland river vessels.

The YAR27 and YAR15 Series IMO Marine Navigation Radar, YR19 Series Offshore Inland River Radar, YAR28 Series Small Target Early Warning Radar, YR18 Series FM Continuous Wave Solid State Radar, MDR28 high-resolution marine remote sensing radar, they all have been widely used in the fields of commercial ships, fishing vessels, business ships, photoelectric linkage, water surface monitoring, offshore platform surveillance , ocean wave monitoring, oil spill detection, bird flock detection, etc.

The company's products also include SC05 (BDS/GPS/GLONASS) tri-system satellite compass, DSC-10 digital-analog compass driver, RP-20 digital repeater, electronic compass and other ancillary marine navigation equipment.

"Refinement, Excellence and Innovation” is our motto, we are trying our best for the "Made in China", and never stop pursuing best product.

Yonzoe Tech. always stands together with you regardless of situation and will make our dream come true.