YR18m Series FMCW Solid State Radar Next-Gen X-Band Radar


YR18m series solid state radar adopts FMCW system and belongs to coherent receiving radar. It has many advantages, such as small blind area, no radiation damage, high range resolution, small volume, light weight, etc., and has better sea clutter and rain clutter performance, which is suitable for yachts, fishing boats and other boats. It is especially suitable for small space, low height, fast maneuverability and intelligent collision avoidance occasions such as unmanned vessel or boat (USV).

YR18m series radar has Ethernet interface, supporting compass, positioning, AIS and other signals, and up to 200 target tracking functions. With good development package support, it is very suitable for USV boats.


●X-band Solid-state Radar suitable for USV.
●All round, all-weather, long distance.
●Low power consumption, launching status of the whole machine < 25W (no display).
●Support compass bow, navigator position and AIS signal input.
●Automatic target tracking algorithm, supporting 200 target tracking.
●It can output radar echo video data and target track data through Ethernet.
●It can output information such as compass bow and navigator.
●Support remote control operation of radar.

●SDK available for development.