DSC-10B Step-by-Step Compass Driver

Product Description

  DSC-10B digital NMEA step-by-step compass converter receives and displays NMEA-0183 bow azimuth signal, and converts it into step-by-step compass signal output. The supported input statements are: $xxhdt, $xxhdm, $xxhdg, $xxhsc. The output drive voltage and drive ratio can be set to drive most of the step compass equipment. Dsc-10b supports up to 6-8 similar step-by-step Gyrocompasses.

  DSC-10B also has the function of master-slave compass switching. It is suitable for the application of dual compass through manual selection.


Input signalOne NMEA-0183 digital signal; one step signal.

Built in main / auxiliary gyrocompass switching function, specially suitable for satellite / gyro double gyrocompass occasions.

NMEA-0183inputHDTHDGHDMHSC SentenceBaud rate 4800~38400bpsautomatic recognition

output signalStep signal, which can drive 6-8 compasses of the same kind.

4-digit LED display, support reading calibration function.

The transmission ratio can be set from 36x to 360x.

Excitation voltage driving voltage 24V, 35V and 70V can be set respectively.

Jumper selection for working voltage 110VAC and 220VAC.

Fast tracking speed without accumulated error.