UARD_U3 USB Radar Signal Acquisition Card


It is a radar acquisition device that filters, enlarges, and converts the output signal of the radar echo, then adjusts the azimuth, and finally sends it to the computer through the USB interface for file storage.

The input signals of the acquisition card require the radar to provide echo, trigger, heading and bearing signals.

The data is stored in raw data *.dat, and image data *.bmp or *.jpg.


●USB2.0 or 3.0 interface for high speed, real-time image collection and storage.

●The analog channel uses a low-pass filter with an optional bandwidth of 10MHz/20MHz/40MHz.

●Sampling rate 25MHz/50MHz/100MHz is optional.

●High-precision AD, optional sampling bits 8bits/12bits/14bits.

●Channel gain adjustment range -10 dB to +40 dB is adjustable.

●Image storage supports JPG and BMP formats.

Raw data collection supports continuous or watchful storage.

●Providing DLL development libraries for secondary development.