YAR27 Series High-end IMO Radar 12.5KW/25KW X-Band ARPA Radar With IMO certification


Yar27 series IMO maritime radar is a high-performance marine navigation radar independently developed by our company, which conforms to the latest international specifications and standards of marine radar such as iec60945 and iec62388. Yar27 series ARPA radars have passed the CCS product type approval demonstration, and obtained the B mode (product type approval certificate) and D mode (production quality assurance certificate) of European Union (EC) marine equipment (MED). It is a high-end navigation radar suitable for all kinds of ships.

Yar27 series radar has excellent small target detection performance. It also has very good detection ability for targets with RCS as small as 1.0 m2. The radar adopts the unique sea clutter, rain clutter suppression algorithm, CFAR processing, relative and true wake, ARPA collision avoidance, trial operation ship and other functions, so that the series of radars can directly replace the foreign well-known brand of ocean level medium and high-end radars.

Excellent performance, reliable quality, comprehensive service, higher cost performance, Yonzoe radar is worthy of your trust and selection!


●Unique noise reduction, wave clutter, and rain clutter suppression technology. Excellent performance in small targets detection, far in distance.

●Image enhancement function ensures small target display, fuller and clearer.

●0.125nm ~ 96.0nm up to 14 ranges, supporting multiple display modes.

●Six pulse options, S1, S2, M1, M2, M3 and L, ensure the best combination of resolution and distance.

●200 ARPA targets and 1000 AIS targets are displayed, and the fusion display of the two is supported.

●Relative to the ground wake function, as well as vector display, it is convenient to identify the moving state of the mobile ship.

●Rich navigation aids, supporting 200 waypoints and 30 route planning.

●Complete equipment self-check function, automatic fault alarm, modular structure of the whole machine, convenient for maintenance and repair.

●Chinese and English menus are supported, with Chinese and English keyboard options.

●Optional built-in radar performance monitor, easy to install.

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