YAR15 Series IMO Radar Best 12.5KW/25KW X-Band ARPA Radar With IMO certification in its price range


Yar15 series IMO maritime radar is a simplified yar27 series radar, which is suitable for domestic ships under 10000 tons. It has excellent performance and better cost performance. This series of radars has IMO type approval certificate of China Classification Society (CCS). It complies with the latest international radar specifications such as IEC 60945 and IEC 62388.

Yar15 series radar has good wave, snow and rain clutter suppression performance, CFAR processing, relative and true wake, ARPA collision avoidance, trial operation ship and other functions. It is a high cost-effective marine navigation radar with a range of 0.125nm-72.0nm. The radar is equipped with a standard 17 inch display, with an operation area diameter of 260mm, which is greater than 250mm as required by the specification.


●High cost performance, more suitable for coastal merchant ships or offshore and ocean fishing vessels.

●Advanced noise reduction and clutter suppression technology, strong detection ability of small targets.

●Good wave, rain and snow clutter suppression performance.

●Relative and true wake functions, as well as vector display, which is convenient for observation of moving targets.

●80 ARPA targets and 1000 AIS displays.

●Rich self inspection function, fault alarm and reminder, convenient maintenance.

●Bilingual Chinese and English.

●Optional radar performance monitor