YR19 series inshore and inland river radar 4kW/6kW compact size X-band Radar perfect for Fishing Boat


YR19 series fishing boat and inland river small radar is a kind of marine radar specially designed for fishing boat, small tonnage ship or inland river ship. Like other radars of our company, it also has the advantages of superior performance, definitely the best in its price range. The products meet the CCS type approval demonstration, the National Maritime Administration's inspection rules for domestic ships and inland ships, and the IEC 60945 environmental requirements inspection code, and are suitable for domestic navigation.

YR19 series radar inherits the advantages of its brother YAR27 series radar. It has good wave and snow clutter suppression performance, supports relative and true wake to the ground, has fully-automatic ARPA function, supports AIS input, and has VGA output interface. This series of radars are suitable for all kinds of fishing boats and inland river ships, and can also be used as auxiliary radars for commercial ships.


●Advanced noise reduction and clutter suppression technology, strong small target detection ability.

●Wave, rain and snow clutter suppression performance is superior.

●12.1 "(integrated keyboard and display) / 15" color display (keyboard display split).

●TFT LCD high resolution 800x600 @ 12.1 ″ / 1024x768 @ 15 ″

●It supports true wake to the ground and is convenient to identify moving targets.

●30 full function ARPA and 500 AIS displays.

●Short antenna supports 24 / 36 RPM adaptive, which is more superior to noise suppression and high-speed targets.

●Bilingual menu in Chinese and English.

●Rich self-inspection function, convenient for maintenance.

●It has VGA interface output.

●It is suitable for 12V / 24VDC, with a range of 10-36vdc.