What should be paid attention to when selecting the installation position of satellite compass?


  Satellite compass has the advantages of high accuracy, fast locking, no loss of parts and no accumulative error.However, the satellite compass can calculate the angle by receiving nearly 20,000 kilometers of navigation satellite signal, which is more stringent than the positioning requirements. It is vulnerable to occlusion, interference, multipath and other factors, and will lose its course due to lock-out.

  Installation is critical for a satellite compass as follows:

The installation position selection method of satellite compass is as follows:

1: In order to obtain the best solution, the antenna should choose a suitable location, preferably an unobstructed position above the radar antenna: to avoid interference from the radar signal, the antenna should be installed to avoid the radar radiation beam.

2: If it is not convenient to install at the highest point, you need to find a suitable location. The principle is to avoid obstructions (e.g. masts, chimneys, etc.) and radio frequency sources as much as possible.