When is the best time to replace the radar magnetron?

  In addition to the radar intuitive magnetron usage hours, if you find that the radar imaging is not ideal, but the hours are insufficient, you can use the following methods to help determine when to replace the magnetron.
  Method 1. Judgment by radar tuning search
  You can see this by doing a tuning search again.Press the menu key, press 1 to enter the echo processing menu, press 3 to select tuning search, and wait patiently for tuning search to end. After the completion, if you still find that the radar echo imaging is not good and you are still not satisfied with the repetition, you may need to replace the magnetron.
  Method 2,Judgment by radar manual tuning search
  Move the cursor to the auto-tuning box, left-click to select Manual tuning, then roll the wheel slowly to make the progress bar slowly change. If this process has not been able to adjust the better radar echo imaging results, then you may need to replace the magnetron. 
  Method 3. Judgment by PM (Radar Performance Monitor)
  The magnetron of radar is the equipment that generates electromagnetic wave. It belongs to high-power equipment and has a certain service life. Generally, the use time of magnetron can be displayed in standby mode. The longer the magnetron is used, the smaller its output power will be, which will eventually lead to the radar detection distance getting closer, and the radar imaging effect is very poor.
  If the radar performance monitor is installed, the performance monitor can be opened according to the user's operation manual to determine the aging degree of the magnetron by observing the radar echo.
  If the magnetron is seriously aged, please contact the relevant technical personnel for replacement.
  After observing the aging degree of magnetron with radar performance monitor, please turn off the radar performance monitor.