SC-05 Three GNSS System Satellite Compass


Satellite compass is a new high precision compass device. Using carrier phase difference technology of global satellite positioning, the bearing signal of the bow is obtained by solving the straight line (parallel to the meridian of the ship) and the angle between the north and south poles of the earth determined by two receiving antennas. The three antennas can calculate the three-axis orientation, pitch and roll of the ship. For ship orientation, the Two-antenna system has the same accuracy as the three antennas.

SC-05 three-system satellite compass is a new generation of dual-antenna satellite compass developed by the company. It supports the three major global positioning systems of "Beidou (BDS)/GPS/GLONASS". It has the advantages of high accuracy, fast output and no consumption, and is favored by more and more users.


Beidou, GPS, GLONASS three system, up to 7 frequency receivers, heading lock faster, and more safely and reliable.

Build-in MEMs gyro,3 min heading output when satellites obstructed.

High precision, accuracy is close to the gyro compass, better than 0.2 degrees and the base line length is 0.5 meters.

Long life, no mechanical wear parts.

High cost performance, ideal precision navigation compass.

Short start time without preheating.

No maintenance required without cumulative error. With 4 digital LEDs to display. The heading angle is configurable.

Gyrocompass exists, another installation of a low-cost satellite compass forms a flexible and reliable dual compass system which greatly extend the service life of the gyro ball.

Only magnetic compass cannot meet the needs of navigation safety, and there is no digital output, some mandatory device cannot be used, such as AIS, installation of satellite compass can meet these requirements.

On the basis of the original gyrocompass, a GPS satellite Gyrocompass with high cost performance is installed to form a dual system, which can greatly improve the life of the gyro ball.

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