DSC-10T Nnei Synchronous Compass Driver

Product Description

  DSC-10T digital NMEA synchronous gyrocompass converter receives and displays NMEA-0183 bow azimuth signal, and converts it into synchronous gyrocompass signal output.The supported input statements$xxHDT, $xxHDM, $xxHDG, $xxHSC. The output drive voltage and drive ratio can be set to drive most of the step compass equipment. DSC-10T supports up to 6-8 similar step-by-step Gyrocompasses.

  The DSC-10T supports up to 6-8 simultaneous compasses of the same type with high driving power, high precision and no accumulative error.DSC-10T also has master-slave compass switching function. It is suitable for application of double compass by manual selection.


l Input signalOne NMEA-0183 digital signal; one synchronous signal.

l Support master/slave compass switching, especially suitable for double compass back up system with one satellite compass and one gyro compass.

l NMEA-0183 InputHDTHDGHDMHSC sentencesAutomatic baud rate recognition: range 4800~38400bps

l output signalSynchronous signal, which can drive 6-8 compasses of the same kind.

l With 4 digital LEDs, Support offset elimination and setting operation.

l Repeater ratio can be set from 36X to 360X.

l Excitation voltage 55vac and 110VAC can be set.

l Drive voltage can be set from 35V, 70V, 110V.

l Jumper selection for working voltage 110VAC and 220VAC.

l Short lock time, and no cumulative error.